Review, Consider, Log

Review, Consider, Log

STEPS 13-16


The Cure



The Cure - Pathway 4 - College Summer Activities - STEP #13

Summer Learning and Experience

Olivia and Logan have completed a full year of college studies. During their summer off from college, they are interested in finding summer activities and internships to further their future careers while earning some college money.

Living on Long Island, both Olivia and Logan are aware of some incredible medical-related work being done at some of the labs and institutions on the island. They have been doing research at their local library for relevant internships and other interesting and fun summer activities that might enhance their studies and career paths.

Job Hunting, Indeed!

With their job and internship search underway, Olivia and Logan are told by their advisor to explore, a leading job search site. Indeed is known as an excellent resource for finding part-time or full-time employment, as well as internships. You can tailor your needs and preferences, upload your resume and search for the latest job openings.  


In this step, assist Olivia and Logan by:

  • Investigating

  • Search for jobs or internships for

    • clinical research for Olivia

    • health information technology for Logan

    • any other opportunities you find for both

  • Select two internships you found for Olivia and two for Logan.


Record the internship and/or job opportunities you found for them in your Quantum Leap Voyages Log.  

Review, Consider, Log
Internet Job Search

The Cure - Pathway 4 - College Summer Activities- STEP #14


Live & Virtual

During Olivia's research of Cold Spring Harbor Laboratories, she discovered they have visitor tours for college students, both live and virtual


In this step, join Olivia with discovering more by:

  • Investigating the Cold Spring Harbor Lab’s website.

  • Take an Online Tour of CSHL There are many online tours available, select the one your most interested in.

  • Optional!  Set up a Walking Tour of the facility with a member of the lab.

  • Look at Careers. Would this renowned research lab be a place you might like to work? Explain why.

  • Write a trip report of what you have learned during your tour.  

Record your responses in your Quantum Leap Voyages Log.

Review, Consider, Log

The Cure - Pathway 4 - College Summer Activities- STEP #15

Logan Explores

Work Options

Search Results New York for

Medical Internships (137 listings)

Average Internship Hourly Pay

For Medical Interns: $25 - $35

Description: Medical Technology role for students in certified laboratory science programs to learn and participate in a clinical laboratory with lab assistant tasks and responsibilities.

Internships on Chegg.png

Find the Right


Logan and Olivia went to high school together as friends and have been keeping in touch with each other since college. Olivia shared with Logan a  great website where she found a couple of really good internship offerings. Enthused, Logan searches the website and discovers several medical internships.


In this step,

  • Explore Chegg Internships

  • Find two or three internships you find interesting.

  • Explain why you chose them and why they would be of value to you.

Record your responses and thoughts in your Quantum Leap Voyages Log.

Review, Consider, Log
Learn and Earn

THE CURE - Pathway 4 - College Summer Activities- STEP #16

A Close-up View

Still interested in other summer activities related to medical technology, Logan calls a friend who is enrolled at Stony Brook University. After a brief conversation about his aspirations, Logan's friend, a member of Student Life and Activities, offers Logan a tour of the University's facilities and campus. Grateful and excited, Logan takes the tour and is exposed to the important medical research conducted at the university. Now he's seriously considering SBU after his two-year degree.

For your next step,

  • Take an online look at Stony Brook University

  • Describe why campus life at SBU would be fun.

  • Consider if the medical research at Stony Brook is what you want for your career path.

  • Explain your thoughts and reasons for yourself, and why you think this may or may not be an excellent continuation to Logan’s two-year degree?


Record your responses and

thoughts in your QLV Log.  

Review, Consider, Log