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High School Summer Adventures


Review, Consider, Log

Review, Consider, Log





The Cure - Pathway 2 - High School Summer Adventures - STEP #5


As Olivia and Logan approach the end of their school year, they are thinking about summertime activities helping them explore more into the field of medical research, service, or possibly medical product development or pharmaceuticals.   
     After learning that the paths to becoming a medical doctor, nurse, or pharmacist are clearly defined by the colleges and post graduate schools, Olivia and Logan decide to find out more. They are aware that the Medical and Pharmaceutical professions are demanding and challenging. 

     Olivia and Logan could use a little help finding information with insights into the possible careers

they desire in research

or healthcare.

Medical Pre-Career Camps

Olivia and Logan investigate and discover a Summer Program that could meet their interests and needs.

In this step:

  • Explore University at Buffalo Prehealth Advising. 

  • Check out their Learn about the Health Professions to see what it takes to pursue admission to professional schools in Medicine, Dentistry, Optometry, Podiatry, Chiropractic and Veterinary. 

  • Consider attending a Prehealth Advising Workshop.

  • Do you think this will assist Olivia and Logan in making career choices?

  • Should Olivia and Logan continue to explore additional opportunities?

Record your responses in your Quantum Leap Voyages Log.  

Review, Consider, Log

The Cure - Pathway 2 - High School Summer Adventures- STEP #6


Live-Away Program

Logan is considering a “live-away” summer program suggested by his mentor at science club. He was excited to find out they offer summer STEM-based Medical & Healthcare programs at 9 locations, coast to coast. Each offering an in depth hands-on experience. He'd get to live in a college dormitory environment and participate in a curriculum offering real clinical experiences.


In this step,

  • Research The National Student Leadership Conference (“NSLC”)

  • Do you think experiencing a program like this would benefit Logan on his career pathway?

  • Would you want to be part such a program? Explain why or why not.

Record your responses in your Quantum Leap Voyages Log.

Review, Consider, Log


The Cure - Pathway 2 - High School Summer Adventures - STEP 7



Learn CPR

First Aid + Volunteer

Olivia's aunt, who is a nurse, recommended she do a First Aid Course during the summer. Plus, she could use that training to be of help as a Junior Volunteer at the local hospital.


In this step, look into:

  • Signing up for a First Aid Course. Try these resources.

    • The American Red Cross

    • Your local library reference desk

    • Your area's Fire Department

    • Your area's Police Department

    • Local EMS First Responders

    • Your local community center

  • Volunteering opportunities at a couple local hospitals or clinics


Record your thoughts and

findings in your QLV Log.

Review, Consider, Log

The Cure - Pathway 2 - High School Summer Adventures - STEP 8


Science Camp

Summer science camps is another option for Logan and Olivia. Both are interested in learning more about DNA so they are going to explore Cold Spring Harbor DNA Learning Center, which is the world’s first science center dedicated specifically to genetics education. Every summer they offer fun and challenging camps for students up to 12th grade. An excellent hands-on opportunity, guided by experienced instructors and working with sophisticated laboratory and computer equipment.

In this step, assist Logan and Olivia by:

In your QLV Log, record the details of these interesting activities, and include any facts you discovered that you find curious.

Review, Consider, Log