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Review, Consider, Log

STEPS 9-12


VOYAGE II - Space Travel


Natasha:  4-year Degree at a University



Dmitri:  2-year Degree at a local College


Painted Space



High school graduates begin a career pathway as “Lifelong Learners.” It begins with making choices on how you will proceed on your exciting life path. Your choices include:

  1. Continuing your studies at an educational institution

  2. Learning, hands on, at the job site

  3. Joining an apprenticeship program

  4. Joining the U.S. Armed Services


You will have the opportunity to explore more about all the available choices.    

With graduation not far away, both Natasha and Dmitri are considering colleges to help pave the way to success. Their high school studies in the sciences have exposed them to many possible opportunities. Both are excited about the International Space Station and Space Travel, and are considering career paths that will lead them into space...maybe even a trip to Mars!


Space Travel - Pathway 3 - OFF TO COLLEGE- STEP #9 - NATASHA


4-Year College Option

Natasha decides a four-year University is the way to go for her to reach her career goals. She investigates at her H.S. career office information on Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University in Daytona, Florida. She we delighted to find that they offer: Space Physics, Astronomy, Astrophysics, Commercial Space Operations, and Aeronautical Engineering.

After careful consideration, Natasha has determined a Bachelor of Science in Spaceflight Operations at their College of Aviation is her desired pathway.

Investigate some of the exciting courses in this field of study and evaluate the many opportunities for learning at Embry-Riddle University.

  • Do you find this university of interest. Why?

  • Would you select this degree program. Why?

  • After Natasha earns her BS Degree, do you think she should continue further education. Why?

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College bound...

Natasha is ready to fly!


Space Travel - Pathway 3- OFF TO COLLEGE- STEP #10 - NATASHA


Leadership Programs

Business Meeting

Natasha is immediately interested to find out more about EMAU's Leadership Development Programs, which includes various workshops, retreats, and activities to help develop leadership skills for her overall life success.

Clubs & Competions

While attending Studies at Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University, Natasha explores campus life, activities and clubs. 


  • Take a look at Student Clubs and Organizations.

  • Find an activity or club you would find interesting.

  • Explain why joining one of the clubs or organizations would be of value to your education.


Space Travel - Pathway 3 - OFF TO COLLEGE - STEP #11 - DMITRI


Dmitri's Choice:

Local 2-Year College

Dmitri wants to start his higher education with a two-year degree at a college near his home. He believes this will allow him to move on to a four-year degree after he graduates. New developments in science may help him decide on a university choice.

Alternatively, Dmitri may pursue full-time employment in a corporation that is providing materials and services to NASA.


After significant time doing research and college comparison's at his local Public Library, Dmitri discovers Nassau Community College in Garden City. He likes the course selection and decides a study program in Physical Science would be an excellent start to his college journey and career path.

  • Take a look at what NCC is all about and review his study program choice.

  • Do you believe he has chosen a college that will help start the career he desires? Why?

Astronomy & Physics

Looking Through Telescope

Dmitri has a strong interested in Astronomy and Physics. In this step, he would like help deciding on a school to transfer which is inline with his goals. He also wants to choose a professional organization while at college. Perhaps one in Astronomy. Joining one may bring internships, scholarships, and opportunities. 

  • Go to the College Majors 101 site under Astronomy/Physics.

  • Review information and watch some videos.

  • What colleges fit with Dmitri's preferences?

  • What videos did you wath and what were your take-aways?

  • Log your findings in your QLV Journal.

Shine on!

Space Travel - Pathway 3 - OFF TO COLLEGE- STEP #12 - DMITRI


Amateur Observers Society of NY

Image by NASA




Interested in space and astronomy, Dmitri hears of a club from friends on campus called, Amateur Observers Society of New York."  It sounded like a group of people who have similar interests so he decided to join as a member for only $17. With meetings held on Long Island at the Hofstra University Campus, Dmitri thought it was a perfect club choice.


For Step 12, visit and explore the club's site:

  • Do you think it's a beneficial club for Dmitri? 

  • Explain your thoughts on why this would be of value for Dmitri’s career path.

  • Would you consider being a member?

Log your responses in your Quantum Leap Voyages Journal.