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Robotics - Pathway 4 - College Summer Activities - STEP #13

Real World Connections

Andrew and Emily have both been excelling at college. They have successfully completed engineering, computer coding, machine learning, advanced robotics, soft robotics and motion planning.  They would like to add to their high-tech background a full-time summer internship with an industry partner or research lab.  Both students are eager to experience real world connections in the fields such as:

  • Self-Driving Vehicles

  • Smart Cities

  • Assistive Technologies

  • Sustainable Systems

  • Medical devices

  • Robots in Manufacturing     

With the two-year college term moving fast, Emily is considering a summer internship that will lead into a full-time employment after graduation.

Early Decision Time

Emily has been considering her options early. At college, she has been learning a good deal about the latest manufacturing skills and techniques. She likes the idea about getting real world experience. On the other hand, she sees the value of continuing her studies at a four-year college to earn a B.S. Bachelor of Science degree.

In this step, investigate the overview of Suffolk Community College's Manufacturing Technology associate degree.

  • Do you think Emily should join the job market after her graduation from SCC?

  • Do you think she should instead continue her education to achieve a B.S. Degree in Robotics?

  • What would you want to do and why?

Record your answers and thoughts in the QLV Travel Log.


Robotics - Pathway 4 - College Summer Activities- STEP #14

Local Internships

Emily would like to have an internship related to her robotics studies close to home. She begins her search locally at her hometown and county's web page to see if there were any listings related to robotics. She found some possibilities but could use your assistance for more options.

In this step, help Emily find at least two job opportunities related to robotics/engineering. Here is the list of resources to review:


Record your findings in

your QLV Travel Log.

Office Space

Robotics - Pathway 4 - College Summer Activities- STEP #15



Andrew would like to have an internship in a city or state at which he would need to find housing and transportation for the summer.

Andrew has been researching the following websites for summer internships:


Help Andrew find at least two job opportunities related to robotics/engineering. 


Record findings at the Quantum Leap Voyages Log.  Include corporate name, website and job titles.


Robotics - Pathway 4 - College Summer Activities- STEP #16


Cooperative Education

Andrew is looking into Widener University’s Co-op Career Program, an experiential learning program that allows students to gain up to 18 months of professional or research experience related to their academic interests.

The advantage of a Co-op Program, versus an internship, is a Co-op program usually leads to a full-time, paid position at the company you have been working.  Internships can be paid, but not necessarily, and may not lead to a full-time job opportunity.  A co-op program normally takes place during an entire semester, as well as  summer, while an internship may only take place during the summer months.

Widener's Co-op Program for Andrew, and decide if you would advise him to take advantage of this opportunity during his four years at the college?


Record your answer in the Quantum Leap Voyage Log

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