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Review, Consider, Log

STEPS 9-12







High school graduates begin a career pathway as “Lifelong Learners.” It begins with making choices on how you will proceed on your exciting life path. Your choices include:

  1. Continuing your studies at an educational institution

  2. Learning, hands-on, at the job site

  3. Joining an apprenticeship program

  4. Joining the U.S. Armed Services


You will have the opportunity to explore more about all the available choices.    

Emily and Andrew’s journey in High School and Summer Activities brought them fun, in-depth instruction, and hands-on experience. Inspired to work towards a career in Robotics, Emily and Andrew are looking at colleges that provide pathways to the careers in that profession. Both have different ideas on college choices. Emily wants to stay close to her home on Long Island and complete an associate degree. Andrew decided he wants to attend a university away from home and complete a full four-year degree. Different pathways both pointed towards success!


Robotics - Pathway 3 - Off to College - STEP #9

Emily Stays Local

Emily begins her college search at her library’s reference and computer section. After considering a few local colleges, she discovers

Suffolk Community College has a program in Manufacturing Technology, where she can earn an Associate Degree in Applied Science.


Excited at the course of study, Emily decides the world of manufacturing is an excellent way to develop an in-depth understanding of automation manufacturing. She believes it will be helpful in fulfilling her vision of a career in robotics.


In this step:

  • Review SCC's Manufacturing Technology

  • View Emily's overview slides

  • Do you think Emily is making a good choice towards her robotics career? Why?

  • Would this route be one you might consider?

Record Your Thoughts in the Quantum Leap Voyage Log.



Students in Library

Emily does research at the library.

She considers a career in robotics relating to automation manufacturing.



Watch and learn about ten of the most advanced robots that are changing the future with the help of Artificial Intelligence.

Robotics Research

While at the library doing college research, Emily decided to do a little investigating about the ways robots are revolutionizing everyday life, and how they will benefit us in the future.


In this step, assist Emily with her research:


In your QLV Travel Log, record the details of robotics use you found interesting and/or any additional thoughts about robots you discovered.


Robotics - Pathway 3 - Off to College - STEP #10

Robotics - Pathway 3 - Off to College - STEP #11

Robotics Program

As a member of his H.S.'s Robotics Club, Andrew made many connections with members of other clubs. Networking introduced him to colleges that have robotics programs. One he was interested in was SUNY Stony Brook’s fine engineering and robotics program.  


For step 11, assist Andrew in investigating more:

  • Review: Stony Brook Robotics Team

  • Look at the current projects they have been working on:  Autocar, Mars Rover, and Mechwarefare

  • What programs are they involved in? 

  • Who are their corporate partners?

  • Does this college program excite you about your future in robotics?  


Record your response and thoughts about this program in the Quantum Leap Voyages Log.

Image by Syntechs Robotics
Image by Owen Beard
Robot on Wheels



Widener University

Some of the major courses for Robotics Engineering are:

ENGR 112 - Computer Programming and       Engineering Problem Solving
ENGR 114 - Engineering Graphics and Computer-Aided Design
RE 301 - Mechanics of Robotic Systems
RE 303 - Machine Design for Robotic Systems
RE 403 - Control of Robotic Systems

Andrew's College Choice

After hearing good things about the robotics program at Widener University in Chester, Pennsylvania, Andrew is leaning towards this college after taking the tour. He discovered that
Widener has a major program of studies leading to a BS of Robotics Engineering.


In this step, Andrew would like you to take a look at the school and give him your opinion.

  • Visit Site/Robotics: Widener University

  • Explore the College Catalog

  • Review the Robotics Engineering Degree

  • Watch the video overview.

  • What is your opinion of this college?

  • Do you think this is a good choice for Andrew?

  • How many credits does Andrew need to graduate from this major?

  • Would you consider attending this University?

Record your answers and feedback in your QLV Travel Log.


Robotics - Pathway 3 - Off to College - STEP #12