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Robotics - Pathway 1 - High School - STEP #1

High School Classes:

Robotics and Computer Applications

What high school classes can you take at your school that would help you explore robotics and computer applications?

  • In your first step, investigate to find our what kinds of classes will benefit your interest in robotics.

  • Write down your findings in your QLV travel log.

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Robotics - Pathway 1 - High School - STEP #2

Science * Technology * Engineering * Math


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H.S. Robotics Club

Emily and Andrew's science teacher suggested they join the H.S. Robotics Club and then explore the annual FIRST Robotics Competition. In your first step:

  • Watch the FBC overview video.

  • Does your school have a Robotics or Technology Club?

  • If not, did this video inspire you to  create one at your school?

  • What did you learn about FIRST?

  • Write your findings in your QLV travel log.


Robotics - Pathway 1 - High School - STEP #3


Robotics Competition

For Inspiration and Recognition of Science and Technology

Well-known inventor Dean Kamen, founder of FIRST, shares his inspirations and speaks about his robotics challenge for students as a way to inspire others to get involved in STEM.

In this step:

  • Watch the Kamen video.

  • What segments of this video really excited you about this career field?

  • Write down your answers in your QLV travel log.


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Be Innovative!


Robotics - Pathway 1 - High School - STEP #4

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Researching Robotics

Emily and Andrew joined the Robotics Club and are curious to find our more about a career in this field. 

In this step, search the internet to find answers to these six questions:

  1. What is a robot?

  2. What are the 5 major fields of robotics?

  3. How do beginners learn robotics?

  4. What is the use of robotics?

  5. What are the advantages of robots?

  6. Is Amazon’s Alexa a robot?

Record your answers in your travel log before moving forward.