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QLV Traveler Guide

Thank you for using the Quantum Leap Voyages career-building activity to aid students in exploring their interests in virtual real-world experiences.


Our guide assists both teachers and students on navigating the adventure for maximum benefit. 

"The choices you make throughout your life,

makes a difference in the world."

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QLV Guide

Steps to Success is as Easy as 1.2.3.

QLV is a unique career exploration program for students in grades 8–12.  The activity encourages the traveler (students) to choose a voyage they believe will lead them to making a difference in the world. The voyages launch travelers from high school forward on a quantum leap exploration of the possibilities in choosing classes, clubs, programs, summer activities, college, careers, and beyond. All to transport the traveler to reach their destination goal of being prepared to make a major contribution to society.

STEP 1 - Choose one of the voyages which match your interests or possible future goals. 

  1. Climate Change

  2. Space Travel

  3. The Cure

  4. Robotics

  5. Cybersecurity


STEP 2 - Find and print the “Travel Log” for your voyage.  This is the list of activities you need to follow in order to reach your goal. You will be recording your experiences  in your travel log as you move through the voyage.  Every step and every decision you make brings you closer to your final goal.


Notice we do not suggest job titles. Quantum Leap Voyages emphasize the activities you need to consider from high school through post-secondary education.  Reaching your goal begins early in life. It all begins with the...

  • Classes you choose to take.

  • Clubs you choose to join in school and college.

  • Projects you tackle in your classes.

  • Summer experiences you sign up for.

  • Leadership roles you take on your school’s environment

  • Volunteer organizations you embrace.

  • Additional education and training found in college, apprenticeships, employment and military.

STEP 3 - Let your passion and interests be your compass. Quantum Leap Voyages career adventures are unique in that you follow specific pathways and steps to discover how you can make a difference in this world!

QLV Guide

How to Move Through QLV

  1. Each of the voyages have five pathways to explore. 

  2. Each of the voyages have a unique travel log to record your decisions and activities.

  3. To move through the voyage you need to SCROLL DOWN or click on the “chevron or magnifier" on each slide. 

  4. Each voyage has two young people who will travel with you throughout the voyage. Listen to their guidance.

  5. After reading the content on the screen you should:

    • Record your responses in the log

    • Click on the “Magnifier” to move on to the next activity.

  6. Follow the “Steps” shown on the screen.

  7. You will be reminded to record your thoughts every time you see a circle with a pencil and number.  You will also see:  Log your findings in the QLV Journal.  The number matches the voyage log question.

  8. Upon completing pathway #1, go on to Pathways #2, #3, #4 and #5.

  9. On the right margin of each screen, you will see PATHWAYS and STEPS which will also help you navigate the voyage.

  10. Remember, you always need to add answers to your voyage log after each activity.

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