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Future Mobility



Future Mobility - Pathway 4 - College Summer Activities - STEP #13

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Ford Motor Company

Virtual Summer Internship



Jason's Internship

Jason's connections as a member at ASME landed him an opportunity as an intern at Ford's Virtual Summer Internship Program. He heard good feedback from other students who previously participated in the program. Jason is considering a career at Ford after he graduates, along with his goal to achieve his Masters in Auto Engineering at the University of Michigan.


In this step:

  • Watch the Ford video. Is this an internship you might consider? What feedback did you hear that was persuasive?

  • Explain why you think this company might be a good opportunity for Jason.

  • Visit Ford's careers page to see Future Mobility opportunities. Find a position you think is a good fit for Jason. Explain why.

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Future Mobility - Pathway 4 - College Summer Activities- STEP #14

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When Jason was thirteen his father's mechanic friend, Bill, showed him how to rebuild the motor of his 1968 Ford Mustang. Bill's ongoing mentoring inspired Jason to follow his passion for cars and his interest in mechanical engineering. He decided this summer he would pay-it-forward.


Jason looked on Volunteer Match and found a nonprofit called, "The Shoulders of Giants"  (TSoG), whose mission is to provide world-class STEM education for students of all ages. They have a team of mentors in all areas of STEM professions. Jason volunteered for the Technical Mentor - Mechanical Engineering Focus.


In this step:

  • Watch the "What Inspires You?" video.

  • Explore the TSoG website. Are you interested in mentoring or being mentored? What is your STEM focus?

  • Check out Volunteer Match. What kind of volunteering are you interested in and why?

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Sharing STEM expertise with students of all ages.


Future Mobility - Pathway 4 - College Summer Activities- STEP #15

Ritu's Job Search


Work-Based Learning

After completing her first year of college, Ritu decides to seek out work-based learning opportunities over summer recess. 


Ritu looks on Chegg Internships sorting her search by the aerospace industry. She finds several options to consider.  Her goal is to work in an environment where she can gain real-world experience in the career path she intends to seek for employment after graduation.

In this step:

  • Explore Chegg Internships, focusing your search on aerospace or aviation summer jobs.

  • Describe one opportunity you liked and why.

  • Read the FlexJobs article: 9 Video Interview Tips to Help You Succeed

  • In brief, list the 9 video interview tips.

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Future Mobility - Pathway 4 - College Summer Activities- STEP #16

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Inflight Learning

Ever since her first flight from India to New York, Ritu fell in love with flying. It sparked her interest in aviation, now her academic pursuit in a career. Studying Aviation Management at Farmingdale College gave her easy access to Republic Airport. After her summer internship, Ritu joyfully headed to the skies in a one-on-one inflight lesson. It also gave her the chance to have an in-depth discussion about aviation with the pilot instructor. Although her work aspirations are in business aviation, Ritu plans on being a private pilot as well.


In this step:

  • Check out Cloud 9 Living's 60-minute flight for one lesson.

  • Do you think this experience will help Ritu in her career in Aviation Administration? Why?

  • Read the article: "How to become a private pilot?" What are the 8 steps to get a license?

Document your findings in your

Quantum Leap Voyages Log. 

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Learn to Fly