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STEPS 9-12


Future Mobility





High school graduates begin a career pathway as “Lifelong Learners.” It begins with making choices on how you will proceed on your exciting life path. Your choices include:

  1. Continuing your studies at an educational institution

  2. Learning, hands-on, at the job site

  3. Joining an apprenticeship program

  4. Joining the U.S. Armed Services


You will have the opportunity to explore more about all the available choices in a later pathway.   


After High School graduation, Ritu and Jason are looking at colleges that provide pathways to careers in Future Mobility in Transportation. Both have different ideas on college choices and career pathways. Jason in leaning towards a major in Automotive Engineering at a University and Ritu is going to keep close to home so will choose a local college program in Aviation studies. Let's see how their Future Mobility journey unfolds through life's many changes. 


Future Mobility - Pathway 3 - Off to College - STEP #9

4-Year College:

Ritu Stays Local

Living on Long Island with a large family, Ritu decides she would like to begin her college studies close to home. She looks at several colleges locally and discovers Farmingdale has two excellent programs in Aviation.

Aviation Show


BS-Aviation Administration

Farmingdale State College offers a 4-Year Bachelor of Science in Aviation Administration, as well as Professional Pilot Program. Ritu liked the pathway for Aviation Management, and plans to later get her Masters in Aviation at an accredited university.


With strong Math skills, Ritu is focused on Airport Management and Finance. She is excited to begin classes and is looking upward towards achieving her goals in Aeronautics Future Mobility.

In this step:

  • Review the program Educational Goals.

  • What 5 course requirements do you find interesting and why?

  • What concentration would you choose and why?

Record your feedback in the QLV Log.


Student Membership

AIAA Aerospace Industry Group

Networking. Competitions.

Mentors. Career Development. Publications. Scholarships.

Clubs & Groups

Once settled at college, Ritu looked for aviation clubs or groups that would support her learning and experience. One of the students in her Aviation history class told her about a group named AIAA, whose motto is "Shaping the Future of Aerospace." She joined as a student member and now has access to a wide variety of learning from industry events, competitions, professional members, publications, and more!


In this step:

Record your feedback and thoughts

in the Quantum Leap Voyages Log.


Future Mobility- Pathway 3 - Off to College - STEP #10

Future Mobility - Pathway 3 - Off to College - STEP #11

Bucknell University

After considering several engineering colleges, Jason chooses BU in Lewisburg, Pennsylvania. His goal is to achieve a Bachelor of Science in Mechanical Engineering.


Simply put, mechanical engineering is the study of objects and systems in motion. Just what Jason has been fascinated with since he was a kid, and has now evolved into his passion with tinkering with cars and other vehicles. His ambition and vision is to be part of a team in designing and building smart vehicles. His interest in Future Mobility is to bring innovative solutions to transporting people and cargo efficiently, sustainably, and timely.

College Campus
Mechanical Engineering
Automobile Mechanics

Mechanical Engineering

Jason arrived early at Bucknell University for their college orientation. Afterwards, he met with his new roommate over lunch to review and compare their schedules to see if they shared classes together.

Some required first semester courses are:

  • Math 201 - Calculus

  • Engr 101 - Exploring Engineering

  • Phys 211 - Classical and Modern Physics

  • W-1 - Initial Writing Course


In this step:


Record your responses in the

Quantum Leap Voyages Log.


Humans + Cobots = Future Auto Manufacturing

American Society of Mechanical Engineers: Ford robots are engineered to work in collaboration with the human workforce as part  the shift towards Future Mobility.

Clubs, Societies & More

Fully emersed in his mechanical engineering studies, Jason seeks peer and social groups, as well as joins several clubs and societies. At an American Society of Mechanical Engineers virtual networking event, a speaker from the University of Michigan (UM) referenced their Masters programs. Jason decided to plan ahead to get his MSE in Automotive Systems Engineering at UM. They offer either night classes in Deerborn or an online option.

In this step:

  • Watch ASME video: The Rise of Collaborative Robots in Manufacturing. What are 2 or 3 advantages to human/robotic teamwork?

  • Explore ASME. Why do you think this Society is a good resource for Jason?

  • Visit the UM site to learn more about their Masters in Automotive Systems Engineering.

  • What are two important program details?


Record all your responses in the

Quantum Leap Voyages Log.


Future Mobility - Pathway 3 - Off to College - STEP #12