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Future Mobility - Pathway 2 - H. S. Summer Adventures - STEP #5


Summer Job

Jason seeks a summer internship at a local car dealership. His goal is to get extra experience and skillset to add to his Automotive Engineer career resume. He looks on, LinkedIn, as well as goes directly to several local dealerships to fill out applications. As it turns out, Jason gets a part-time summer job as an entry-level service technician at Ford.

In this step,

  • Take a look at to find automotive opportunities in your area.

  • What job titles are you interested in?

  • Make note of 2 or 3 specific skills or requirements you may need on your resume.


Log details in the

Future Mobility Travel Log.

"You can’t build a reputation on what you are going to do."  ~Henry Ford



Future Mobility - Pathway 2 - H. S. Summer Adventures - STEP #6


Full STEM Ahead!

Ready, Set, Jet! With Students of Cradle of Aviation Job Shadowing Program

Long Island STEM Hub presents:

An upfront view at Jet Blue to learn about various careers in aviation and aerospace, with highlights of job opportunities at John F. Kennedy International Airport.

Cradle of Aviation

STEM Career Expo, Workforce Development, and Job Shadowing

Ritu has found the perfect summer activity to fulfill both her heart's passion and her summer's continuing education check list! She learned of the Cradle of Aviation's Job Shadowing Program while watching a video in her science class. After applying, Ritu was able to schedule a unique opportunity to learn firsthand along side an aviation professional.


In this step, complete the following:

  • Watch the Full STEM Ahead video. What part of the journey did you like the best and why?

  • Visit Cradle of Aviation Workforce Development.

  • Watch the Virtual Career Expo videos to learn more about various careers.

  • What company and/or position did you find of interest and why?

Record your evaluations in the

Quantum Leap Voyages Log. 


Future Mobility - Pathway 2 - H. S. Summer Adventures - STEP #7


Artificial Intelligence & Automotive Industry

The Future of Mobility

Meet Up:

Auto AI Community

While at work, Jason hears of a virtual Meet Up based in Michigan that is focused on automotive artificial intelligence. AI is impacting the industry in a big way. In this networking group, Jason makes great connections and broadens his real-world learning.

Jason headshot.png

In this step,

Record your notes and impressions

in the Quantum Leap Voyages Log.

Future Mobility - Pathway 2 - H. S. Summer Adventures - STEP #8


H.S. Summer Internship

Ritu's application began last summer when she researched programs via She applied to several programs with the help of their Resource Toolbox. Ritu is interested in Aerospace Engineering so this will be an excellent learning opportunity before beginning college.


In this step, complete the following:

Record your findings in your

Quantum Leap Voyages Log. 

"The early bird gets the worm!" Ritu shouts excitedly, as she opens her email to see she has been accepted in a NASA STEM Engagement Summer Internship.

NASA STEM Engagement


Be a Part of a Bigger Mission