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Future Mobility

Future Mobility - Pathway 1 - High School - STEP #1


H.S. Classes & Clubs

Ritu and Jason are both interested in the modernization of transportation. Ritu has a personal passion for aviation so she is looking into the National Association of High School Aviation Clubs (NAHSAC) to help her establish a Club at her school.

  • What classes can you take at your school that would help you explore future mobility?

  • Does your school have an Aviation Club or similar organization that supports your interest in creating advanced transport?

  • Visit NAHSAC to find out how you can establish an Aviation Club. In brief, what key steps are needed?

Explore and write down your

findings in the QLV Journal Log.

Aircraft in Hangar


Future Mobility - Pathway 1 - High School - STEP #2


Automotive Engineering

What is it?

Automotive Classes

Jason's interest is in automotive. His dream is to one day build a highly efficient, energy-conscious automobile that moves like lightning! But first, he must learn all the elements it takes to create such a vehicle. Jason is considering Automotive Engineering, along with several other classes in Career and Technical Education (CTE) at his local BOCES. Two of which are Automotive Skills and Auto Technology. He will also participate in his school's Automotive Club, which offers hands-on learning and opportunities for competitions.


In this step:

  • Watch the video and make note of relevant details.

  • What important concept did you learn? 

  • Read AE Article. What other classes will compliment learning automotive engineering?


Record your findings in the

Quantum Leap Voyages Log.

Future Mobility - Pathway 1 - High School - STEP #3


Flight Simulation

Ritu was invited to be part of the upcoming GAMA Aviation Design Challenge competition team. It’s an exciting opportunity, giving her experience in flight simulation and intensive studies in understanding the science of flight and airplane design. To also give her aircraft flight training, Ritu decided to take the BOCES Aviation Operations course, which is credited toward a Private Pilot License.


In this step:

  • Review the details of the GAMA competition and make note of a few important points needed for Ritu and her team to be successful.

  • Watch the video and share your feedback.


Record your research answers

in the Quantum Leap Voyages Log.



Watch video and share feedback

Future Mobility - Pathway 1 - High School - STEP #4


As a High School senior, Jason is now eligible to participate in the National Automotive Technology Competition (NATC). His Autotech teacher has been grooming Jason's automotive skills to be an intricate part of the school's team. They are hoping to be sponsored by the Greater New York Automobile Association. There are guidelines and responsibilities for the NATC.


In this step,

  • Take a look at the National Automotive Technology Competition video.

  • Visit the NATC site to research requirements.

  • What are the three key responsibilities of the Dealer Association?


Record your findings in the

Quantum Leap Voyages Log.