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Entrepreneurs - Pathway 4 - College Summer Activities - STEP #13

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Shark Tank Audition

8 Key Tips For A Great Shark Tank Pitch

Under the Sea
When you pitch your business idea, be prepared to swim with the Sharks!


Omar Seeks Investors

College, clubs, and networking groups gave Omar a tremendous edge with developing his SEEall Eyewear product idea. Now he needs an investor. He heard Shark Tank was doing an open call for entrepreneurs at a networking event to do a booth pitch to get an audition. Omar has done his research, prepared his pitch, and created a presentation. The date is approaching, so he is working hard to be ready.

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Entrepreneurs - Pathway 4 - College Summer Activities- STEP #14

Business Speak

Home for the summer, Omar decided to take a Business Communications Course to up his game and better prepare him for his business pitch to the Sharks. By incorporating the class's insights, Omar feels ready to get the support and funding his business needs to grow.


In this step:

  • Watch the video TED's Secret to Great Public Speaking. What are the four main points by Chris Anderson?

  • Explore the 10 Tips for Public Speaking by Harvard Professional Development. What two tips would you recommend?

  • Review Hofstra's Professional Development Business Communications courses.

  • What other continuing education course(s) do you think would be helpful to Omar. Explain why?

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TED's Secret to Great Public Speaking

  • Focus on one major idea.

  • Give people a reason to care.

  • Build your idea with familiar concepts.

  • Make your idea worth sharing.


Entrepreneurs - Pathway 4 - College Summer Activities- STEP #15


Part-Time Job

Part-Time Job Cake Decorator.png

Earning and Learning

Maddie has been a very busy entrepreneur this summer!


Several pop-up bakeries, a part-time job baking and decorating cakes at her local Whole Foods, and continuing online classes in baking, packaging, and creating a business plan.  Maddie is gearing up to open her bakery after college.

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Entrepreneurs - Pathway 4 - College Summer Activities- STEP #16

Online Business

After extensive research, planning, and financial considerations, Maddie decides to start an online bakery.


Maddie wasn't quite ready for the undertaking of opening a brick-and-mortar store. The online store would keep it simple, keep costs down, and keep her business flexible. She determines a name and creates an easy-to-navigate online store. She promotes it at pop-up events, on social media, and her video channel. Now, the orders are rolling in! So, Let there be cookies!


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Let There Be Cookies!

Made with Love by Madeline

Let there be cookies...
And there were cookies. Lots and lots of cookies!
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