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You have completed the Cybersecurity Voyage. Consider your journey below and log your reflection in the QLV Journal.

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Cybersecurity - CAREER SNAPSHOT

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Meet Jamie Woodruff, Computer Geek Now Europe's Leading Ethical Hacker

Jamie Woodruff began his cybersecurity career at 9 years old dismantling his dad's computer. During a competition at Bangor University, UK, he successfully hacked Facebook. Later, his hacking skills led him to uncover fan data vulnerability on Kim Kardashian’s site. Jamie’s innate computer savvy, technology skills, and ethical pursuit to help the industry, led him from assisting global blue-chip companies discover unprotected areas within their computer systems to currently a director at Technology Insights Consulting, a cybersecurity company. An expert in social engineering, he is also a safety advisor for the Cyber Smile Foundation on the prevention of online cyber bullying. Jamie is an example of how you can take your interest in computer technology along with your integrity, talents and self-driven energy into creating valuable opportunities in making a difference in the field of cybersecurity.

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Cybersecurity - Career Pathway Questions to Consider - Step #20

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Cyber Security

Your post-voyage reflection:

  1. Have you taken some key high school courses you need to get yourself started on the pathway?

  2. Which summer activity are you eager to pursue in order to validate your interest in this career field?

  3. What “Lifelong” learning pathways will you take upon leaving high school?  You can choose among full-time employment, apprenticeships, armed services and post-secondary education, which are all sound choices.

  4. If you choose a college pathway, what major and courses would you choose to study at a two-year or four-year college?

  5. What other activities are you eager to explore to increase your success chances of entering the field of employment after completion of high school or college?

  6. When ready, what type of full-time employment opportunities will you choose?

  7. If relevant, which apprenticeship program(s) would you join for on-the-job training leading to full-time employment?

  8. If you are interested in the military's “FREE” education and training in a field you would like to pursue, which military service would you consider and why?

  9. Did you enjoy this career pathway adventure?

  10. Would you like to try another pathway?


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