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STEPS 13-16





Cybersecurity - Pathway 4 - College Summer Activities - STEP #13

Credit Suisse



Real-World Internship

Christopher has decided to spend his summer away from the university by seeking an internship involved in the real-world of Cybersecurity. His Finance Professor suggested he take a look at Credit Suisse, a well-known international wealth management company with a focus on investment banking.


In this step:

  • Explore possible internships at Credit Suisse and explain why you think this company might be a good opportunity for Christopher.

  • As Christopher is interested in commercial and banking data security, how will this benefit his career journey?

Record your thoughts in the Quantum Leap Voyages Log. 


Cybersecurity - Pathway 4 - College Summer Activities- STEP #14


Information Security

Christopher has made excellent connections while interning at Credit Suisse, and discovers a very diverse NY Information Security Meetup. He joined the meetup and was very impressed by their featured speaker, a demo by a cybersecurity company, their diverse panel for discussion. Not to mention the incredible networking opportunity.

In this step:

  1. Will this meetup be of value to Christopher and expand his networking activities?

  2. What networking value will this be for Christopher?

  3. If you were Christopher, do you think you would pursue attending this meetup after you have secured Cybersecurity Employment?

Document your thoughts

and reasons in your

Quantum Leap Voyages Log. 




Cybersecurity - Pathway 4 - College Summer Activities- STEP #15

Job Search

After completing her first year of college, Victoria is ready to investigate internships during summer recess. She is hoping to gain work experience in the career path she intends to seek for employment after graduation.



& Beyond

Victoria's advisor recommends looking into a summer internship at The New York City Department of Information Technology & Telecommunications (DoITT). Possibly the NYC Cyber Command Division. She sees various full-time positions that interest her. She applies for the internship program.

In this step:

Record your thoughts and

considerations in the

Quantum Leap Voyages Log.


Cybersecurity - Pathway 4 - College Summer Activities- STEP #16

Cyber Meetup

Victoria's college roommate told her about a great group she found on the site Meetup that she thought was a perfect fit for her. Excited and intrigued, Victoria joined and found the EvolveSec Cybersecurity Meetup in New York city to be a totally fun and really productive experience. She met some great people with advanced skills.


In this step:

  • Check out what the Meet-up is all about.

  • Help Victoria decide if this meetup group is a good opportunity for expanding her future networking activities.

  • Do you think this is a forum Victoria might continue after she graduates and has a secure cybersecurity job? Why?

  • Is this a Meetup you would consider joining?

Document your thoughts and reasons in your Quantum Leap Voyages Log. 

New York City