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Review, Consider, Log

STEPS 9-12







High school graduates begin a career pathway as “Lifelong Learners.” It begins with making choices on how you will proceed on your exciting life path. Your choices include:

  1. Continuing your studies at an educational institution

  2. Learning, hands-on, at the job site

  3. Joining an apprenticeship program

  4. Joining the U.S. Armed Services


You will have the opportunity to explore more about all the available choices.    

Victoria and Christopher are close to their high school graduation.  Their high school studies in computer technology, and other cybersecurity related learning, exposed them to many possible career paths. Along with their classes and clubs,  summer activities also brought them fun, in-depth instruction, and hands-on experience. Inspired to work towards a career in Cybersecurity, Victoria and Christopher are looking at colleges that provide pathways to the careers in that profession. Both have different ideas on college choices and career pathways. Let's see how there cyber journey unfolds through life's many changes. 


Cybersecurity - Pathway 3 - Off to College - STEP #9

4-Year Degree

College Campus


After his experiences over the last two years, Chris is more intrigued by the world of Cybersecurity. Now realizing he wants to be fully prepared for any challenges he may face in this competitive field, he investigated colleges offering four-year degrees. Using resources like his H.S. Guidance Counselor, Library Reference Section, and networking with friends, he believes he has

found a good match with

Syracuse University to

help him start on his

career path.

Computer Science

In this step, Chris would like you to take a look at the offering for Computer Science at Syracuse University.

  • Go to SU Computer Science and watch the video

  • Review Major Courses as noted below. Explain the relevance these major courses have on a cybersecurity career path.

•    Artificial Intelligence
•    Computer and Network Security
•    Data Science
•    Mobile Application Programming
•    Computer Graphics
•    Programming Languages: Theory and Practice
•    Software Specification and Design
•    Systems Programming
•    Design of Operating Systems

  • Would enroll at this University and why?


Record in the QLV Log your impressions

of SU video, relevance of courses, your

recommendation to Chris and

your thoughts about the university.


Cybersecurity 101

Learn more about cybersecurity at Nova Labs by PBS and play the Cybersecurity Lab Game.

Infosec Club

Christopher has been enjoying his studies at Syracuse University and having fun playing Cybersecurity games with other students with similar career aspirations. Interested in participating in a future nationwide Cyber Competition, Chris decides to join his school's Information Security Club (Infosec) to learn more about cybersecurity in commerce and the corporate world. The club’s mission is to practice ways of protecting and defending corporate network infrastructures and learn mitigation strategies against Cyberattacks.


In this step:

  • Review the Information Security Club

  • Do you believe Christopher's studies with this club will become a valuable tool in providing both cybersecurity experience and networking?

  • Explain how defending Cyberattacks protects the way we live and do business.


Record your feedback and thoughts

in the Quantum Leap Voyages Log.


Cyber Security- Pathway 3 - Off to College - STEP #10

Cybersecurity - Pathway 3 - Off to College - STEP #11

2-Year State College

Victoria decides to start her education at a State College that can prepare her for options in the Cybersecurity field. Her thoughts were to first achieve an Associates Two-Year Degree, then decide if she wanted to work at a cybersecurity company or continue her education at a four-year college to earn a BS degree.


Victoria has been talking with her dad, a computer website designer, about the weaknesses in National Security. It brought her to a clear mindset on career goals for enhancing major infrastructures like the power grid, air traffic control, and rail traffic.

Monitoring Room
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Cyber Courses of Study

After investigating local colleges, Victoria chooses to enroll at Suffolk County Community College, seeking to graduate with a Cybersecurity and Information Assurance A.A.S. Degree.


Some of the courses in her program of study will include:

  • CYB101: College Seminar for Cybersecurity

  • CYB125: Cybersecurity Fundamentals

  • CYB233: CCNA Security

  • CYB232: CCNA Connecting Networks


In this step:

  • Why do you believe Victoria has made a great move in preparing for her career at Suffolk County Community College?

  • Explore where Victoria could find work in her interest after graduation.

  • Think of your possible career path, would you seek employment or continue your education?


Record your responses in the

Quantum Leap Voyages Log.


Cyber Clubs and Competitions

A peek at what you need to know about National Cyber League (NCL) competitions.

SCCC Cyber Sleuth

Victoria discovered a Cybersecurity Club  at Suffolk County Community College and is thrilled  to join and become a Cyber Sleuth, along with members who have competed and ranked at the National Cyber League.

In this step:

  • Investigate the club’s activities, would this be exciting fun to you?

  • Why do you think this club is of value to Victoria, why would you become a member?

  • Watch the video about the National Cyber League Competition.

  • Explain how this club’s participation in cyber completions can help Victoria by networking with recruiters and executives in the world of Cybersecurity?


Record all your responses in the Quantum Leap Voyages Log.


Cybersecurity - Pathway 3 - Off to College - STEP #12