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Cybersecurity - Pathway 1 - High School - STEP #1


Cybersecurity Club

Victoria and Christopher are both interested in Cybersecurity and found some of their other classmates were too. So they approached Ms. Brown, the computer instructor, with the idea of  starting an official “Cybersecurity” Club.   Ms. Brown encouraged them to write a mission summary for the club, including what the club will do and how often they will meet.


In your first step, Victoria and Chris would appreciate your help with doing a little research.


Record your short club summary at the Quantum Leap Voyages Log. 

Computer Office Work


Cybersecurity - Pathway 1 - High School - STEPS #2




What is


Cybersecurity Club KICK OFF MEETING:


Chris and Victoria's first Cybersecurity Club meeting will be a video and discussion. Ms. Brown suggested a video related to insights about cybersecurity and what careers are in that industry.  They chose a video interview by Cybercrime Magazine with Robert Herjavec, CEO of the Herjavec Group.  You may recognize is name from the television show, Shark Tank.


In this step:

  • Watch the video and prepare notes for discussion.

  • How does “Batman” connect to cybersecurity?

  • What personal attributes/skills do cybersecurity firms look for when hiring employees?

  • What other important concept did you learn about this industry you did not know before watching the video?  

Record your findings in the

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Cyber Security - Pathway 1 - High School - STEPS #3


CS Career Pathways

The first Cybersecurity Club meeting was a great success! Now Victoria and Christopher want to get industry people to attend their next month’s meeting to discuss career opportunities.  They have invited an employer from the local financial institution to speak to the group about career pathways.  

In this step, along with all the club members, take a look at the following regarding Cybersecurity Career Pathways.

Record your research answers

in the Quantum Leap Voyages Log.

Wake Up Call!


No more floppy disks. No more hard drives. It's all in the cloud. Today's companies need protection of their data. Get in the know. Fill the need.  Explore a role.  Follow the pathways to your success in Cybersecurity.


Cybersecurity - Pathway 1 - High School - STEP #4

Who's Hiring?


What do they expect?

What Companies Hire Cybersecurity Workers?  

After viewing the interview by Cybercrime Magazine, Victoria and Chris decided it was a good resource to find out more about careers in Cybersecurity. Below are a few of the companies they found listed in their magazine.


In this step,


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