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Review, Consider, Log

STEPS 9-12







High school graduates begin a career pathway as "Lifelong Learners." It starts with making choices on how you will proceed on your exciting life path. Your choices include: 

  1. Continuing your studies at an educational institution

  2. Learning, hands-on, at the job site

  3. Joining an apprenticeship program

  4. Joining the U.S. Armed Services

  5. Starting your own business


You will have the opportunity to explore more about all the available choices.   

Before graduating from High School, Jamir and Lexi  had many decisions to pursue their passion for being part of Broadway and Beyond. Lexi's focus had been theatre, singing, and dance. Her journey at a performing arts high school accelerated her skills, experience, and direction. Yet, she still had to consider her options.


As a childhood actor, Jamir always enjoyed being in front of the camera. Then he discovered a new passion--filmmaking--and considered film colleges. Unexpectedly, he got a six-month acting contract offer for a role in an independent film. Jamir found himself overwhelmed with his options and direction.

So many choices! Let's see how Jamir and Lexi make a difference in the world by following their Broadway and Beyond dreams!

Broadway & Beyond - Pathway 3 - Off To College - STEP #9


Colleges in Film

Jamir enjoys acting, but he also discovered he liked being in the director's seat. 


For the last year, Jamir began considering several top Film Schools in the country. He was torn between enrolling or committing to a part in an independent film in NYC. He decided first to narrow down his college options.


In this step:

  • Review the Best Film Schools lists on and

  • After reviewing the options, select three colleges you suggest for Jamir to apply, and briefly explain why.


Record your college feedback

in the QLV Travel Log. 

Film Student


Acting career?

Film degree?

Broadway & Beyond - Pathway 3 - Off To College - STEP #10


NYU ADMISSIONS: Essays, Applications, How to Get In


Jamir made his final choice: New York University Tisch's Film & TV Program. He applied along with a five-part portfolio: creative résumé, a personal story essay, a short selfie video, a one-page fun essay, and creative submission, which he chose five minutes of film. His college choice allowed Jamir to also take the acting job for the film shot on location in New York City.

In this step,

Record your thoughts and

findings in your QLV Travel Log.

Broadway & Beyond - Pathway 3 - Off To College - STEP #11


College & Career Plan

Lexi's vision is to be on Broadway! She researched and compared many performing arts colleges.


Lexi wants a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Musical Theatre from AMDA. She has limited financial resources and will need Financial Aid. After discussions with her parents, Lexi plans to start at SUNY Purchase College, which offers an excellent Theatre Arts Conservatory. Later, she will transfer to AMDA, which allows 30 credits to transfer to complete her BFA degree.

In this step:


Record your thoughts and

responses in your QLV Log.

Lexi's AMDA Goal


AMDA strives to create an environment for students to develop the skills, confidence, imagination, and power to contribute to their community as artists, entrepreneurs, visionaries, lifelong learners, and conscientious citizens of the world!

Broadway & Beyond - Pathway 3 - Off To College - STEP #12

Performing Arts School


of Fine Arts - Acting?



To Be or Not To Be?  Making Major Changes

Lexi had a fulfilling first year at Purchase College at their conservatory of performing arts. Now it was time for her to apply to AMDA for a transfer to their accelerated degree program. While she is still pursuing performing on stage, Lexi thought it might be wise to change her degree to a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Acting instead of Musical Theatre. Based on its studies, it would prepare her for a variety of performing opportunities on stage and screen.

In this step, research the following:

  • Review the AMDA Programs and Admissions Requirements process. Do you think Lexi made a good choice? Why?

  • What program do you find of interest? Why?

  • Add any additional key information you found.


Record your thoughts and

responses in your QLV Log.