Inside of a Spaceship



Greetings students of planet earth! We know you come to Quantum Leap Voyages with a great purpose; seeking wisdom, hoping for insight, pursuing ideas, and exploring possibilities for future life and career endeavors.


Get ready to embark on journeys of discovery to gain perspective in designing your life from where you are as a high school student to taking the valuable steps through college and beyond!

At Quantum Leap Voyages, we offer various pathways as unique opportunities to virtually explore an inner calling or passion. If you ask yourself questions like:


“How can I make a difference in the world

for constructive change, beneficial outcomes,

and creative innovation?"


"How can I create a life that will bring professional fulfillment

and achieve personal success, as well as offer essential benefits

for humanity and the preservation of the planet?"

Now is the time to take a voyage and reveal the answers on how to create and experience a thriving career and exciting life adventures!

Quantum Leap Voyages is an Xtreme Intern Adventure


Quantum Leap Voyages is an Xtreme Intern Adventure


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Quantum Leap Voyages is an Xtreme Intern Virtual Career Adventure, an educational career-building activity created for students through the Nassau BOCES Perkins Consortium grant. Xtreme Intern, Quantum Leap Voyages, Global Planet Solutions, Cloud City, all voyages, divisions, subsidiaries, internships, mentors, and characters are fictitious. The information provided is for educational purposes only to assist students in researching options for academics, colleges, careers, and life.